Summer Power Dressing Look

Power dressing under the New York rain

Have you heard of Power Dressing? Well, you certainly did because this vibe is making its comeback from the late 70s to nowadays. At that time women had to wear bulky pant suits in order to take their place in men’s world. As for today, the continuing battle is less hard and we are all sure the future is female! That fact softened the options of style choice for women. Pant suits became extremely popular in every possible color and variation! No need to stick to traditional black, navy blue or grey, let your feeling guide you. Continue reading “Summer Power Dressing Look”

Think Pink: Styling Spring Trend

Pink coat spring trend 2017

While we all thought that spring had finally sprung, chilly winds came back! Well, cherry blossoms are in fully swing in New York; the weather is still too unpredictable to take all the layers off! As they say, “April showers bring May flowers”, keeping warm is still in the back of your mind when you are getting dressed in the morning. You might wait a bit until packing all your coats deep down in the wardrobe for next year. However, I would like to close the season with the trendiest color of this Spring and my favorite piece at the same time – pink coat!  Continue reading “Think Pink: Styling Spring Trend”

Yellow Coat: Blending In With New York City

Bright color trend: Yellow coat

While everybody’s into their 50 shades of pink, I’ve decided to kick off the springtime with bright bold colors. Bring on the sunny rays and good vibes with this vibrant yellow coat! I am a big fan of coats as a clothing item and I fell in love at first sight with this one! It made me think of all those yellow taxicabs, signposts and separation lines in the subway ! Well, I think you may have guessed it from my post’s title. Continue reading “Yellow Coat: Blending In With New York City”

New Fashion Trends to Adopt This Spring

Fashion Trends 2017

Our favorite season is finally upon us – we have celebrated the beginning of Spring with a couple of warm days! But we haven’t had the chance to completely take off all our winter layers here in New York.  So we still have a bit of time to start planning for  new wardrobe items and finding key pieces.  So here are the latest trends to pay attention to this spring !  Continue reading “New Fashion Trends to Adopt This Spring”

Valentine’s Day Outfit: Bright Red with Sparkling details

Tanya in Oculus Center

Do you believe that Valentine’s Day is already here?! I have noticed the red/pink heart-shaped invasion of window displays and how could I not when it is everywhere! But still I didn’t see it coming with all the fashion madness of New York Fashion Week going on right now. Luckily, this year I decided to prepare a fancy Valentine’s Day outfit in advance and I was right to do so. What about you by the way? Is it a big night out, a solo glass of wine or a drink with a couple of girl friends? Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Outfit: Bright Red with Sparkling details”

Sunny state of mind

Image of Tania walking in Soho

What’s going on with the weather here in New York? I don’t know but honestly I love it today! We had gotten already used to our mild winter, but today’s +15C/ 59F degrees are certainly unexpected! Is it a major comeback of the fall season or a very early spring? Not clear, but who cares, let’s just enjoy it. And I am far from being the only one – the streets of sunny New York are even more crowded than usual. Everyone is trying to catch an extra ray of sun, to breath deeper and make it last. Oh what a beautiful day! Continue reading “Sunny state of mind”

Soft and furry accessory to diversify your winter outfits

Image of Tanya wearing a faux fur collar

Hi ladies, I am back on track, ehmmm, to my blog with fresh ideas and new fashion tips. As you may notice from my Instagram I am back in New York after having spent the holidays in Europe. I had a great time there, walking around and finding inspiration from charming, little streets in Paris. Seeing my family and friends was also very resourceful. Well, it seems like long time ago already and I jumped straight back into New York life and its crazy pace upon my return. Continue reading “Soft and furry accessory to diversify your winter outfits”

Final countdown to the New Year

Tanya's looking up in the sky

New Year Eve is upon us and I hope you are fully equipped to greet new 2017 in style and glam. I haven’t prepared an article about THE perfect outfit for the party, but I am sure you have found the perfect ensemble that will make you feel great on this special night! I have been too busy strolling around Paris, I hope you excuse me, but I have some small advice to give.

Continue reading “Final countdown to the New Year”

Christmas Market in Bryant Park

Image of Tanya at the Christmas market in Bryant Park

The Christmas spirit is at its peak in New York now! We are less than a week away from the Christmas Day, so these days the city is even more crowded and agitated than usual. All the department stores have created their outdoor holiday windows to display enchanted winter fairy tales. It is totally worth to get in line to see closer that little magic. Well, this city has much to offer to get into the holiday mood. Honestly, it is the best time of the year!

Continue reading “Christmas Market in Bryant Park”