New Fashion Trends to Adopt This Spring

Our favorite season is finally upon us – we have celebrated the beginning of Spring with a couple of warm days! But we haven’t had the chance to completely take off all our winter layers here in New York.  So we still have a bit of time to start planning for  new wardrobe items and finding key pieces.  So here are the latest trends to pay attention to this spring ! 

There’s something in common in all these trends: everything is pretty laid back. You can take risks and break the rules with a bit of style effort. If you want to channel your inner fashionista by dressing up and wearing a baseball hat or sneakers with a skirt combo,feel free to do so ! There’s a lot less major faux pas out there right now, unless you look like you are off to the gym and don’t actually go there.

I prepared a selection of interesting key trends/pieces you might want to include in your new Spring wardrobe.

Statement earrings

Even if you are a classic studs person and big bold statement earrings is not your thing, this trend is worth trying at least once because it can actually look good. Another way to shake the outfit up is to wear a big earring and a stud at the same time!

Spring trend: statement earrings

Deconstructed denim

It’s all about denim this season! Be ready to see raw hems, wide leg, cropped flares, deconstructed details, patches with sequins, shimmers or embroidery! But the biggest attention will be on interesting hemlines !

You will certainly love one of these: Spring trend: deconstructed denim


This trend is not very new, but keeps its strong position as a fashion statement! Shiny accessories and shimmering fabrics are all over. Don’t wait until after dark to shine bright like a star!

Spring trend 2017: metallic


Ruffles are the most versatile must-have of this season. Weather it’s a top, shirt, dress or pants, you will easily incorporate it to your office look or on a romantic date.

Spring trend 2017: ruffles


If you know how to score sneakers with a dress, you might want to challenge yourself with the femleisure trend! Hoodies, track jackets or track pants are not for sport-only anymore. Worn with feminine tops or bottoms and a trendy pair of heels, these looks achieve the perfect balance of femleisure.

Spring trend 2017: Femleisure

Sheer mesh and lace

I am sure you know that sheer mesh, lace and satin are pretty much sexy-on-edge fabrics that have to be worn carefully. Sheer mesh with some floral embroidery or other little details can be the real deal not only for your night-out outfit. You have a much larger spectrum to play with to diversify your looks!

Spring trend 2017: sheer mesh and lace

Shocking pink

Pink is no longer the Barbie color cliché! Thanks to designers, pink has gained a very bold reputation as a serious fashionable color. From blush to peach and rose, or fuchsia to magenta, dare to wear the shade that works the best for you!

Spring trend 2017: pink

What trend do you like the most ? Share your opinion in the comments!

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