Valentine’s Day Outfit: Bright Red with Sparkling details

Do you believe that Valentine’s Day is already here?! I have noticed the red/pink heart-shaped invasion of window displays and how could I not when it is everywhere! But still I didn’t see it coming with all the fashion madness of New York Fashion Week going on right now. Luckily, this year I decided to prepare a fancy Valentine’s Day outfit in advance and I was right to do so. What about you by the way? Is it a big night out, a solo glass of wine or a drink with a couple of girl friends?

Honestly, I don’t take the V-Day too seriously. In my humble opinion love doesn’t need a certain day in a year to be celebrated… But I admit that I like all those cute girly things and cards for sale in stores. Like many other women I use this day as an excuse to dress up a bit more. Tonight I will be also wearing my signature red lipstick. I am not much of a red color person, but sometimes I like to wear it as a statement accent. And a Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion, right?

Eternal question: what to wear?

Depending on the status of the relationship you have with your date for tonight you can choose so many beautiful outfits. It is for you to decide how you want to be: romantic just enough or a diva.
As for me, for today’s night out with my man I will be wearing a prom skirt and red top with sparkling details. He will be surprised to see me like this because I have never worn such a bright outfit for a date. It is pretty unusual, but I’m taking the risk and popping up the color.
Hope you all have a great night no matter what V-Day plans work best for you!


Tanya's Valentine's Day outfit

Tanya's Valentine's Day outfit
Tanya's Valentine's Day outfit
Tanya's Valentine's Day outfit
Photo credit: AV Photographer

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