Sunny state of mind

What’s going on with the weather here in New York? I don’t know but honestly I love it today! We had gotten already used to our mild winter, but today’s +15C/ 59F degrees are certainly unexpected! Is it a major comeback of the fall season or a very early spring? Not clear, but who cares, let’s just enjoy it. And I am far from being the only one – the streets of sunny New York are even more crowded than usual. Everyone is trying to catch an extra ray of sun, to breath deeper and make it last. Oh what a beautiful day!

I am in such great mood today that I decided to share with you my sunniest outfit ever ! I love yellow color in different shades and it is easy to pair.  It feels so good to leave all the layers at home and trade them for a light cover. At least for a day we can forget how gloomy winter can be and how fleeting time is.

I wish each of you a great day filled with positive vibes and happiness.

Image of Tanya in a hat
Image of Tanya in her yellow outfit
Image of Tanya in her yellow outfit
Image of Tanya in yellow outfit standing next to yellow wall

Photo credit: AV Photographer


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  1. Tanya, I am only now having a thorough look at your blog and I am so impressed! I love it! Keep the posts coming, you’re going to wow them all 😉

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