Soft and furry accessory to diversify your winter outfits

Hi ladies, I am back on track, ehmmm, to my blog with fresh ideas and new fashion tips. As you may notice from my Instagram I am back in New York after having spent the holidays in Europe. I had a great time there, walking around and finding inspiration from charming, little streets in Paris. Seeing my family and friends was also very resourceful. Well, it seems like long time ago already and I jumped straight back into New York life and its crazy pace upon my return.

We are at the peak of the winter season and outdoors temperature keeps jumping up and down every day: so confusing in terms of outfit ideas. Not so bad though when you can switch from a parka or puffer coat to a lighter coat and just add a big wrap scarf. But honestly I have completed a full review of my winter accessories by now such as hats, beanies and scarves (of which I have a quite big collection) and feel pretty much bored. The worst part is that by the end of the season I will hate my winter closet. You know the feeling too, right?

Faux fur alternative

But I may have found a smart solution how to diversify winter outfits! Did you notice how popular faux fur has turned to be this season? I am not a fan of faux fur or any type of fur, but when I saw this colorful fur stole, I fell in love with it right away! I bought it during my stay in Paris on one of those chilly windy days – I couldn’t believe that I was in Paris and not in Stockholm! So yes, this faux fur stole was a lifesaver and elevated my look in a new way. I loved the addition of a touch of sophistication and glamour to my outfit. Faux fur collars and stoles became great alternative to scarves.

As you can see on the pictures below I wore my ultra-soft faux fur stole over my navy blue coat, which is my favorite.  But potentially I could also wear it over almost any other coat because of this collar’s multiple color! Collar-color! Another trick? I can easily hide my hands in it so no need for gloves! Wearing casual ankle boots and a shoulder bag adds final touches to my feminine yet chic everyday outfit.

Image of Tanya hiding her hands in a faux fur stole
Image of Tanya hiding holding a faux fur stole
Image of Tanya hiding holding a faux fur stole
Image of dreamy Tanya hiding holding a faux fur stole

Did you like the idea of the faux fur collar or a stole? Please share your opinion in the comments below.

Photo credit: AV Photography

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