Final countdown to the New Year

New Year Eve is upon us and I hope you are fully equipped to greet new 2017 in style and glam. I haven’t prepared an article about THE perfect outfit for the party, but I am sure you have found the perfect ensemble that will make you feel great on this special night! I have been too busy strolling around Paris, I hope you excuse me, but I have some small advice to give.

My only suggestion for the outfit of the night is to choose one accent and make it a statement! Let it be an accessory, a dress or shoes that will underline your personality, and will make you a queen of the night!

Let the sparkling do the talking

As for me, this New Year Eve I have decided to go classic and have chosen a pleated black dress. My statement piece for this night is a pair of sparkling shoes that I got from Santa! I was lucky enough to have an observant Santa who followed me when I followed the trends. I love my new pointy-toe flats and don’t mind stepping into the New Year without heels.

You have probably noticed the pretty extreme trend of sparkling material that is all the more frequent in clothing and accessories… Metallic and golden shine, sequins are at in high demand. If you are not a fan of all those shiny details in your daily life, New Year’s Eve is probably the best occasion to give it a try.

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Bye bye 2016

In the end, it is not really about the clothing, it is much more about how you feel and what you have accomplished in this passing year. We are almost done with 2016 and now is a moment to pause and try to sum it up. What were the most important things that happened to you or you are most proud of?

Personally for me, it was not one of my best or hardest yet, but 2016 certainly was very rich in life experience. Moving to New York City was all I had been told to expect: exciting and scary. New York and I were like at the early stage of the relationship when you are arguing and proving yourself, defending your principles but looking for compromises. But we made it this year and now I can surely say that I feel good here, and this is my city for the next couple of years.

I am thankful for the amazing travels that I have done, cities that I have discovered and people I have met. I think also gained a deeper understanding of myself, of who I am and what I want. I have started to dare more and aim for what I previously thought was impossible. So what I know for sure is that I will be walking into 2017 with curiosity and confidence. And that the rest is already history!

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Happy New Year ladies, let your dreams and goals come true!


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  1. I’m so excited to see your blog, Tanya ! You are a great fashion specialist, I admire, it will be so helpful to get a regular dose of your advice ! Let the New Year be the great one !

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