Boston getaway in the end of the Fall

Being new to the country means a lot of things and one of them is my favorite, discovery of the new places. My husband and I heard a lot about beautiful fall foliage in New England, Boston city rich history and architecture. So weekend getaway at the end of the fall season in Boston seemed to me a great idea. I got excited to go there even more when weather forecast has shown me the sunny weather in Boston and rainy in NYC. 

After buying bus tickets and booking nice hotel, I have started to make the must-see list. There is plenty of information on the Internet about interesting places to visit in Boston so I knew where to go or so. And of course the last thing to do before leaving is to pack my wardrobe for the weekend.

Here comes the hard part! I always have the intention of taking too many clothes with me, but this time I didn’t have a space… I had to fit everything into the backpack, not a sporty one, to normal one! Mission impossible? Nope! I read that New England is known for the preppy comfortable style so it helped me to plan my outfits right away. It was a no-brainer task: comfortable shoes, a pair of black jeans, chambray shirt, pullover and a sweater. I knew that the temperature would go down, so I took a beanie and a large plaid scarf, which honestly had saved me from the cold wind! Boston weather was very tricky!

Day 1.

We started our visit with the famous Freedom Trail walk, which is a trail of historical landmarks pertaining to the Revolutionary War in 17th century. It was really interesting to dive in to the history of Boston.

Image of Old city hall in Boston, freedom trail
Image of historic site in the downtown of Boston, freedom trail

Image of historical Faneuil Hall in Boston, freedom trail
Another place to see is Boston Common, a giant park where everyone can find a nice spot to rest. It is the oldest city park in the USA and lies on 50 acres of land.

Image of Boston Common, largest park in the United States

We also walked around the Back Bay, the neighbourhood of Boston’s elite and wealth. Tree-lined streets and beautiful facades of brownstone buildings are very charming! It is a perfect street for a peaceful stroll.

Image of beautiful houses in Back Bay, chic neighbourhood of Boston
Around the corner from the Back Bay lays the Newbury Street, main shopping street of chic Boston. Stores are located on the both sides of the street on the first floors of beautiful brownstones. Even if it was not season anymore, there were still a couple of terraces. I had a slight impression of being somewhere nice in Europe.

Newbury Street led us to the Boston Public Library, the Copley Square, Trinity Church and John Hancock Tower (tallest building in Boston). This lovely place is really worth visiting because of its incredible architectural ensemble. It gathers the best of what Boston has to offer. There also stands an iconic The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel, which reminds Hotel Ritz in Paris on Place Vendôme and The Plaza Hotel in New York.

Image of old Trinity church on Copley square in Boston
As the sky was clear we have decided to go up to the highly recommended <ahref=””>Skywalk Observatory. At the 50th floor of Prudential Tower we had a 360-degree view from above on Boston and its surrounding landscape. We also went up to 52nd floor to admire a view while sipping a cocktail in The Top of the Hub Restaurant. So romantic!


Day 2.

The cherry on the top of our visit to Boston was Beacon Hill neighbourhood with its Black Heritage Trail. Honestly, I could not imagine that authentic architecture could be so carefully preserved and taken care of. I truly fell in love with this part of the city! Fascinating! We spend hours wandering along charming cobble-stoned streets with brick buildings. Sometimes I felt like in an old movie because it was all about the details! The unique doorknockers, pumpkins at the doorsteps, flower compositions hanged to the windows and even house #0. It was absolutely perfect, my inner aesthete was thrilled! I wish I had a better camera to capture those precious details.

Image of beautiful brownstones in Beacon Hill in Boston

Image of the cozy houses in Beacon Hill neighbourhood in Boston
Image of the cozy street in Beacon Hill neighbourhood in Boston
Image of the door and a window with ray of light on it
Image of the house with number 0
Image of pumpkins with carvings
We finished our day walking in the Italian neighbourhood, where we had a dinner. All the restaurants and espresso bars are positively brought us to Italy. It is loud, noisy and chatty, like I love.

Day 3.

Before leaving Boston we couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit Cambridge with its famous Harvard University and MIT. We took a guided tour given by a Harvard student, who was very nice and explicit on University’s history and student life on campus. Well, it was quite nice to be in students blend for couple of hours, but I felt lucky to know that I don’t have any coming exams!

Image of beautiful campus of the Harvard University in Cambridge
Image of the old library in Harvard University in Cambridge
It was time to go back to city to catch our bus to NYC, so we had to leave Cambridge. There were still a couple things to see in Boston that we haven’t checked on our list, so we may return here next year. As my overall impression I liked Boston very much and I could portray us living here for some time. Thank you Boston for being so sunny to us. We had a great getaway weekend! Ciao!

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