Hello world!

Image of the fashion blogger with red lipstick looking into the camera and holding balloons

It has been a while that I was thinking about launching myself into blogging and image consulting. I look for aesthetics everywhere and everybody knows me as a fashion addict.  I know everything about body shapes and what clothes makes the wardrobe “working for you”. My eye for the detail will always find a needed final touch to make the outfit a perfect one.

However, it took me courage and preparation to put myself « out there » ! You know, I just realized over the last couple of years that I have been helping friends and acquaintances to find their style. I am always the first one to comment someone’s outfit in the fitting room or give an advice. Doing personal shopping for people is also something I enjoy very much. So I had this idea of creating my space, where I could share fashion tips and tricks, outfit inspiration and ideas;  this is how this site was born… I don’t know where this adventure will lead me, but I am certainly curious and inspired!

Let this journey begin and join me in my style chronicles.

Peace & kiss,


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