Welcome to Tanya’s Chronicles! It is a New York – based fashion blog that emphasizes style, trends, wardrobe and image consulting !

I aim to inspire you to find your own style and apply fast-changing trends to your daily life. I am an aesthetics enthusiast, so I always seek out and capture those unique moments before sharing them with you!

You will find interesting style tips as well as practical advice on this blog to become your own fashion icon!


My name is Tanya and I have been living in New York for a year now. My broad international experience and knowledge of several languages helps me to understand and enjoy diverse environments and cultures.  Travel and fashion are my true passions! I can spend hours in stores, touching fabrics, imagining and creating different outfits for others and myself.

I feel pretty lucky to live in the U.S. and being able to share my impressions & experiences with all of you. I am still getting acquainted with this city, so I invite you to join me in my style chronicles about life in the Big Apple and other places around the globe!